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The Hindu Council of Australia

The Hindu Council of Australia is an umbrella organisation for the purpose of bringing together various Hindu Associations and resound a unified voice for all Australian Hindus, living in the multicultural community of Australia, irrespective of their caste or country of origin. The Hindu Council aims to have the responsibility to act as the representative of the Australian Hindu community in dealings with the federal, state and local governments, as well as other organisations and institutions. The Hindu Council acts to assist and promote the activities of its member organisations, but it does not exercise control over the internal matters of any of its member organisations.
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Deepavali fair festival of lights

The Indian Festival of Lights, is the most widely celebrated festival of the people from the Indian sub-continent and across the whole world. Deepavali means rows of lights, it is the festival symbolising victory of good over evil, light over darkness, and knowledge over ignorance. Though there are many mythological explanations to this wonderful festival, however, in the current world what the festival of lights really stands for is a reaffirmation of hope, a renewed commitment to friend ship, religious tolerance, spreading the word of peace and harmony and above all, celebration of “simple joys of life”.
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The Hindu Council of Australia, a national body representing all Australian Hindus (over 300,000), has been celebrating this festival of lights for the past 15 years on a large scale. Last year more than 20,000 people attended the whole day of festivities at the Sydney Olympic Park.
This is the biggest gathering of people of Indian origin. Lots of people of multi-ethnic background also come to share the richness of the Indian culture and the variety of sumptuous food items. One of the attractions of the Deepavali fair is the burning of the effigy of the Demon King Ravana followed by Fireworks display. The program will finish around 10:00 pm with a fantastic display of fireworks.


National Team (2017-18) 

President: Mr. Prakash Mehta

Vice Presidents:

Mr Ashwani Sharma,

Mr. Bhagwat S Chauhan,

Mr Kanti Jinna, OAM

Mr. Surinder Kumar Jain

Secretary: Mr Vikas Chopra

Joint Secretary: Mr Bimal Joshi

Treasurer: Mr Rajendera Jalpota

National Cultural Secretary : Mr Ajoy Ghosh

Executive Members:

Mr. Akhil Verma, ( Media)

Ms. Bharathy Rengarajan,

Mr. Chirag Trivedi, ( SA)

Mr. Himanshu Pota, ( ACT- Education )

Ms. Madya Leela, ( QLD- Multifaith)

Mr. Prabir Maitra,

Mr. Sai Pravastu, (Karama Kitchen)

Ms. Shareena Jadhav,

Mr. Sukhendra Shandilya 

Mr. Vijaykumar Halagali

 Project Teams – Diwali 2018

National Projects/Activities:

1.- Sydney Diwali Team (Jay Raman, Bhagwat Chauhan , Sanjeev Bhakhri , Sai Pravastu, Vikas Chopra, Ashwani Sharma,  Ashwani Jain, Bimal Joshi, Manishi Dave, Vikrant, Anil Yadav, Akhil  plus many more )

2.- Social media, web site, newsletter (Surinder Jain, Vijay Kumar, Madya Lila, Naga Setty, Sachin Chaudhry)

3.- Press releases to media (Akhil Verma)

4.- Religion team and Hindu educational courses (Himanshu Pota, Meena Srinivasan, Ram Achari, Surinder Jain)

5.- Women team and Gargi awards (Anita Sharma, Bharati R, Vanya Sibal, Shobha Deshiken, Jay Raman, Ashwani Jain, Surinder Jain)

6.- Youth team, Youth Parliament of World’s Religions (PoWR) (Vincy Jain, Surinder Jain)

7.- Art space team (Sonali Pathak, Gopinath Rao, Ashwani Jain, Jay Raman, Surinder Jain)

8.- Marriage celebrants (Kanti Jinna, Makarand Bhawagat)

9.- Hindu benevolent fund (Ashwani Sharma, Sanjeev Bhakri , Rajive Bhandula, plus others)

10.- Interfaith (Madya Lila, Vijai Singhal, Surinder Jain, Surendra  Prasad, Snehal Thaker, Kanti Jinna),

11.- Ecology and Vegetarianism (Vijai Singhal, Surinder Jain)

12.- Yoga (Sagar Raghavendra ( NSW) , Sanjeev Bhakri, Vani Shukla-SA,  Damaji Koria, WA) )

13.- Hindu watch (Sanjeev Bhakri, Karthik Subramanium, Himanshu Pota)

14.- Government issues (Surinder Jain, Jay Raman, Prakash Mehta, Kanti Jinna)

15.- Membership drive and Liaison with members (Prakash Mehta, Nihal Agar, State President)

16.- HCA company admin and finance (Bhagwat Chauhan, Rajendra Jalpota)

17.- Constitution amendments (Tara Sharma, Bhagwat Chauhan and   Vijai Singhal)

18. Policy & Procedures Team  ( Tara Sharma, Sanjeev Goyal , Vikas Chopra)

19. Volunteers (Bimal Joshi)