Take a day off this Diwali

Take a day off this Diwali!

Never miss Diwali. Take a day off and celebrate Deepavali with your loved ones. It’s about being with family and sharing the festivities with each other. It’s about gifting and confirming to yourself that light will always take over darkness in life. The truth will always be the highest.

Take a day off this <span class="primary">Diwali!</span>

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Remember to use #ILoveDiwali while sharing your Deepavali photos.

Celebrate with family

Decorate house, take photos share love with family friends and relatives.

Add more celebrations to life and life will become a festival.

Involve Kids

Let your kids know the beauty of Deepavali. The story of victory of light over darkness. The festivity it adds to life.

Involve them in making rangoli, decorating the house Deepavali pooja etc. Take them to Diwali festival celebration by Hindu Council in your town. Check out our home page for locations.

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