The Dolls Exhibition

Exhibition on the Journey of Shri Ram -Deepavali 2021

Ramayana – Project Synopsis:

Ramayana, the life history of Rama is the conscience of Hindu culture, the fulcrum of its tradition. Rama, the model of human excellence and the personification of righteousness. The earliest known recording is 5 th Century B.C and the real events date back a lot further.  This story has inspired the people of the east for centuries.   The story of Lord Rama has influenced Nepalese poetry, Cambodian sculpture, Indonesian architecture, Malaysian plays, Sinhalese novels, and India’s way of life. One reason for the popularity of Lord Rama is his immaculate character which was narrated and was passed on to adults and kids alike in the form of plays, musicals, dance-dramas, and doll displays during Navarathri and Deepavali. This is an attempt from our side to give a similar experience of Ramayana tradition to the wider Australian youth and adults who may want to explore the Indian culture and art form.  

The doll display covering 24 scenes with over 300 carefully crafted and handmade dolls has been designed by Giri. The visual and colourful impact of the dolls will draw the attention of the young minds thus enabling them to focus on the valuable traits of Rama. This would not only inspire the young minds but also aspire them to reach their life goals in a harmonious way.  

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